hdfdsjkfsdkjsdfj-deactivated201 said: who would win in all out brawl, spock or Harry potter?

The truth is those characters would never ever ever fight. One of them would HAVE to have turned evil.

But still, just in theory……

I’ll have to say Harry Potter if it’s a ground fight including wands/phasers, since magic gives a serious distance advantage (disarming spells, plus flight). But maybe Spock if he’s got the Enterprise at his disposal….assuming this is a “To the Death” sort of affair. If it’s hand to hand combat without weapons or wands (which “brawl” suggests) then definitely Spock. Vulcans have superhuman strength….plus the Vulcan nerve pinch. Harry’s going DOWN.

Besides, you know Snape could have killed Harry like a ZILLION times, right? Harry’s not very powerful. LOVE was powerful, the Elder wand was powerful…that and the combined power of teamwork and friendship (read = huge buttload of talented friends and vigilant courageous adult protectors).

I love Harry, but his biggest strength was always that he never believed the hype. He knew he was just…..Harry. Just Harry.

In related thinking….I wonder if a Vulcan could get bitten by werewolf and turn. Would they respond to multiple moons?