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Military Brat, Star Trek…enthusiast, and longtime fan of Sassy Magazine, Kat Burdick has been heard on the Moth’s national podcast, quoted on NPR, and seen in New York City trying not to stare so much at Horatio Sanz in the back bar of the Upright Citizens Brigade. Just…what are you gonna do, you know?…now he looks like 2nd Season Hispanic Riker. Favorite comedy spots are the NYC UCB’s, The Creek & the Cave, Luca Lounge, Legion Secret Theatre…

Kat has long held psychic ability, mostly good for pre-cognitively seeing scenes that involve banal non-useful but very accurate flashes forward in time, 3-15 years before events depicted unfold. She is using this utterly useless gift as an excuse to give advice, which she is pretty good at, but not, like, psychic-consultation-charge-you-a-lot-of-dough-advise-the-president-good, you know? Click on “Come at me with your problems” to get advice with whatever you need. NO LIMITS, PEOPLE. Stop living in fear.

(You, yes YOU, can reach Kat here; thekatburdick@gmail.com.)